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The Rabble: Cain and Abel

The Rabble. Cain and Abel. Photo by Brett Boardman

The Rabble don’t make easy theatre, but it’s an easy choice to see them. Always starting with a well-known text – Orlando, Frankenstein, The Story of O,  Room of Regret (The Picture of Dorian Grey) – they deconstruct, bring the subtext to the front, and rework the text until it’s distilled into something that’s somewhat unrecognisable but holds the essence of… Read more.

A week at Dark Mofo

Tennesee at Solid Light Works. Photo by Jess McLaughlin Cafferty

    As Melbourne rugs up for Winter Solstice, Hobart celebrates the last weekend of the Dark Mofo festival. Anne-Marie Peard had to come home to Melbourne, but there’s one more night of the amazing Winter Feast, time to play in Dark Park, music, performances, and the Nude Solstice Swim on Monday morning. Hobart’s, and David Walsh’s, third Dark Mofo festival promised to be… Read more.

Orlando opens at Dark Mofo

Orlando. Photo by Sarah Walker

It was cold in Hobart last night. The sun’s out today but tonight promises to be colder, darker and weirder as the third Dark Mofo festival opens and this gorgeous city celebrates art that’s made for icy dark nights. A highlight of the theatre program is The Rabble’s Orlando, which opens tonight at the Theatre… Read more.

Cain and Abel come to Belvoir via The Rabble

Mary Helen Sassman will appear in Cain and Abel. Image by Gary Heery.

How different could our world be if the first act of violence was committed by a woman? What if Cain and Abel were sisters? “Cain and Abel were the two sons of Adam and Eve. Cain was the first human born and Abel, the first human to die. Cain slayed Abel out of jealousy over… Read more.

Malthouse: Frankenstein

My uterus is still reacting to The Rabble’s Frankenstein. I say it every time, but no one makes theatre like The Rabble does and Frankenstein is stretching their own boundaries far enough for Malthouse to include content warnings. Read them and you’ll know if you should give it a miss. Working with their actors, co-creators Kate Davis… Read more.

Melbourne Festival: Room of Regret

No one makes theatre like The Rabble do. It’s like co-creators Emma Valente and Kate Davis take the concept of theatre and re-create it into something that looks like theatre, but feels like a trip – I don’t mean holiday – that simultaneously assults and calms and awakens bits of your brain that you didn’t… Read more.

Story of O: Oh yes, yes, yes

Carousel ponies, huffy walk-outs and a personal trigger warning when you pick up your ticket: The Rabble have adapted the Story of O for the MTC’s sensational Neon season.  It’s confronting and confirming and I loved it so much that it hurt a bit to watch. I love The Rabble’s work with the kind of love that defies any… Read more.

Melbourne Festival: Orlando

Tell me a story. Tell me in a way that it’s not been told before. This is the bliss of theatre. The Rabble’s Orlando is so far from the experience of reading Virgina Woolf’s book, but as close to knowing its essence, I want to say soul, as possible. Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando was a love letter to Vita… Read more.