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Fluorophone is a configuration of light and sound. It is a marrying of percussion and unusual, non-traditional mediums. Strictly speaking, Fluorophone involves a percussion ensemble (Speak Percussion) performing five original compositions. Each composition is built around its own peculiar medium, material or central concept. “But!” you say, eyes open mouth agape, “Is not all music… Read more.

The Rabble: Cain and Abel

The Rabble. Cain and Abel. Photo by Brett Boardman

The Rabble don’t make easy theatre, but it’s an easy choice to see them. Always starting with a well-known text – Orlando, Frankenstein, The Story of O,  Room of Regret (The Picture of Dorian Grey) – they deconstruct, bring the subtext to the front, and rework the text until it’s distilled into something that’s somewhat unrecognisable but holds the essence of… Read more.