Articles on ‘Theatreworks’

Midsumma: The Worst of Scottee

There’s only four more chances to see The Worst of Scottee at Theatre Works this week. Please take one of those chances because it’s a show that lets you happily laugh along at its self-effacing dark humour as it sneaks up to punch you in the gut.  There’s a rare kind of silence in a theatre. The… Read more.

Melbourne Festival: Room of Regret

No one makes theatre like The Rabble do. It’s like co-creators Emma Valente and Kate Davis take the concept of theatre and re-create it into something that looks like theatre, but feels like a trip – I don’t mean holiday – that simultaneously assults and calms and awakens bits of your brain that you didn’t… Read more.

Palace of the End: harrowing and beautiful

Tell your story, tell our story or tell a story that means so much to you that it doesn’t matter whose it is. In Palace of the End, nice middle class, successful Canadian writer Judith Thompson tells stories about the wars in Iraq. She wasn’t there and her personal connection is living next door to an… Read more.

Midsumma: Psycho Beach Party

Hot diggity! If Psycho Beach Party isn’t the most hip, groovy and neat-o hit of Midsumma, then I’ve got no idea what people like. Full of lust, longing and psychotic shaving, it proves that you don’t have to be a queen to be camp or be gay to be queer. There’s songs by the B52s… Read more.


I don’t think there’s a seat left for Flowerchildren. It’s worth ringing and trying for no-shows, because this mix of nostalgia, honesty and revelation is a show you won’t forget. I’m not a fan of the jukebox/tribute musicals, but working with the Magnormos team, writer Peter Fitzpatrick has taken all that he knows about great musicals… Read more.