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True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

Lee and Austin are brothers, but you’d never guess it. Both have taken very different paths in life. Austin, the younger, went to an Ivy League school, worked hard to become a writer and has the traditional wife, kids and picket fence – the American dream. Lee, the elder, has taken a wilder route –… Read more.

Sex With Strangers

Matilda Award Nominated Sex With Strangers is back for a sizzling return season. Olivia is a woman d’un certain âge who retreats to a quiet bed and breakfast to work on her second novel. Her first novel didn’t enjoy tremendous popularity, but Olivia strives for quality over mass appeal. Surrounded by her favourite books, and… Read more.

Sex with Strangers

Sex With Strangers- ‘Bring your Grandma!’ says Thomas Larkin. Brisbane actor Thomas Larkin was kind enough to take time out of his hectic schedule to talk about Sex With Strangers. He is passionate about the play; you can hear it in the enthusiasm and the eloquence with which he engages in discussion of the characters… Read more.

Sex with Strangers

When creatives and chemistry collide… Sex with Strangers … now that’s a title that sells. Judging by the four or so sex scenes before interval, I can report to the voyeurs out there that the title isn’t just a marketing tease full of empty promises. But the play, penned by Laura Eason is so much… Read more.

The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy’s Fabulous Friends. Naturally, we entered the theatre by following the yellow brick road and the niggling magic of childhood welled up inside as we first clamped eyes on the marvellous hyper-colour set complete with the fabulous Margi Brown Ash busy inside her caravan. As an early arrival, it was thoroughly entertaining to watch other… Read more.

Get Your Treasure Maps Out and Mark This With An ‘X’!

Hold on to your pirate hats Queensland and hide your treasure because we are going Pirate Crazy!  Queensland Theatre Company and Matrix Theatre open their doors at the Billie Brown Studios July 3-5 to present the Family classic, Treasure Island, a delightful affordable family live theatre performance. Written by Robert Louis Stevenson and adapted for… Read more.