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Kirby Burgess on building a long-term career

Kirby Burgess on building a long-term career

Living in a generation prone to instant gratification, it can sometimes be difficult as an artist to patiently build your career. A career in the Arts is often a long-term investment of sorts, and while your ultimate goal may be the lead in a long-running musical, a resident director of a major arts company, or… Read more.

Bette Midler Gives Final Bow in Hello, Dolly! to Understudy

Bette Midler in Hello Dolly! Broadway

Bette Midler sure knows how to make an understudy feel appreciated. Ensemble performer Christian Dante White was unexpectedly called upon to play the role of Cornelius Hackl (which he understudies, but had not yet rehearsed) during two preview performances on Broadway this week and Midler publicly acknowledged his efforts during the curtain calls. reported that Midler stepped aside to give the actor the… Read more.