Best of Sydney Fringe is heading to Edinburgh

Sydney Fringe has announced its inaugural Best of Sydney Fringe season at the prestigious Assembly venues at the Edinburgh 2012 Festival Fringe in August.

This is an amazing opportunity for Australian artists and has come about through a new strategic alliance between Sydney Fringe and Assembly, which fast- tracks selected Sydney productions into the Edinburgh program.

Keira Daley in LadyNerd

Five shows from the 2011 Sydney Fringe have been invited to take part in the first season:  Keira Daley’s LadyNerd, Gavin Roach’s Confessions of a Grindr Addict, Ali Kennedy Scott’s The Day the Sky Turned Black, Susan Williamson and Simone O’Brien’s Spinning a Yarn and Tim Lee’s Scientist or Comedian?

Sydney Fringe Festival Director Richard Hull said this new, ongoing partnership creates a terrific opportunity for local artists to play the world’s largest arts festival.

“Assembly has been described as the ‘National Theatre of the Fringe’ and has been long established as one of the most prestigious venues in Edinburgh. It’s a unique and exciting prospect for artists participating in the Sydney Fringe.”

William Burdett-Coutts, Artistic Director of Assembly, agrees.

“We have had a long relationship with Australia and this initiative is a further incentive to promote great new work in Edinburgh with the hope that it will gain greater recognition and a future life. The Sydney Fringe is a great partner to Edinburgh and we expect that in coming years this relationship will see more and more work going in both directions.”

Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from 3rd to 27th August

Sydney Fringe 2012 runs from 7th to 30th September


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