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Cosentino: Distortions – Adelaide Cabaret Festival


Cosentino: Distortions
on Friday 08 June 2012

It has been a number of years (I think maybe 4 or 5) since a magician was part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. While this year’s program is emphasised as going outside the box on what defines cabaret and looks at art in all its forms, magic is possibly not what would spring to mind.

Cosentino was runner up in Australia’s Got Talent 2011. His act includes a range of close-up, sleight of hand tricks as well as the more showy production magic.

The audience was captivated by escape tricks, multiplying money and some pretty speccy card tricks.  I think my biggest problem with magic shows is the need for camp dance interludes and additional drama (think Copperfield… the magician, not the Dickensian character).  While Cosentino demonstrates a very modern take and is obviously an accomplished dancer himself, the presentations between tricks seemed forced.

This reviewer also admits to spending the entire show wondering who is a plant and trying to work out exactly how each trick works… I’m sure that doesn’t help!

There is no doubt that there were some very cool tricks.  The broom levitation trick is pretty awesome, as was the end trick with the “random” facts. However, the trapped in a tin box trick was pretty tame and nothing to oooh and aaaah at.

Overall, Cosentino is a contemporary version of an artform many of us remember well… this is a good production for the family. Perhaps don’t bring any notes bigger than a fiver though!

Cosentino is playing at the2012  Adelaide Cabaret Festival until 9 June.  Full details can be found at www.adelaidecabaretfestival.com.au.

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