Nothing is ever perfect – but don’t let it stop you creating

Zack Anthony Curran returns to AussieTheatre to talk about collaboration, theatre and letting go of an obsession with perfection…

Zack Anthony Curran
Zack Anthony Curran is Producer and performer in the upcoming  season of Flying Home in Melbourne.

A good friend of mine recently said to me “we’re all so obsessed with putting up perfect work that it stops us from putting up anything at all”.

I found that statement quite profound. It came out of a conversation about the project I am working on at the moment. It’s called Flying Home and it’s a collaboration between 10 extremely diverse but equally talented theatre makers, writers, musicians, singers, actors and producers.

One of the members of our group, who is also a dear friend, has had their family touched by cancer and is going through an extremely difficult time. They called me one day a few months ago and asked me if I would be interested in putting together a project with them where all the proceeds would be donated to Cancer Council Victoria as a way for us to give something to the community. Of course, I said yes and we got the ball rolling.

[pull_left] It’s very easy to get weighed down with judgements and preconceptions when you’re collaborating on a project[/pull_left]

At that stage the concept was vague, but we had the seed of an idea. It’s very easy to get weighed down with judgements and preconceptions when you’re collaborating on a project. There are a lot of really bad ideas that have to be put out there, considered and then thrown out before you can start to find the real gold. I struggled with that at the start, I have a tendency as an artist to seek perfection in my work, and I’ve learnt something on this one. Nothing is ever perfect, and if I get obsessed with perfection, I’ll never put anything up.

This show isn’t perfect, but it comes from a great need to present something with truth and so much heart.

We have been working on this show for three months now and we have what is starting to look like a really beautiful piece of theatre. It doesn’t have a linear story but what it does have is authentic human connection. Real characters telling truthful stories through song and prose.

There is something to be said for a group of actors who are brave enough to put up a piece which is deeply personal and exposing. It’s hard to get up on stage and speak the truth, but that’s why we do what we do. As artists, it’s our job to tell stories, to put the pressure on, teach lessons, even to create a bit of escapism and if by doing that we happen to be entertaining, I think we’ve done a fantastic job. I’m so proud of this group. It’s the third project we’ve all done together and it’s the first time we’ll be singing together since our return from New York.

I really hope people will come and support this project. It’s a special one. We have an eclectic mix of material across many decades of music, and it’s all performed by some of the most beautiful singers I know.

Flying Home plays at Revolt Melbourne for two nights only on the 6th and 7th of January at 7:30 pm. Starring Phoebe Coupe, Zack Anthony Curran, Maddie Featherby, Laura Fitzpatrick and Sam Rabbone, it is an exploration of life’s journey through story and song.

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