Theatre’s evolution

Theatre is ever evolving.

Theatre is ever evolving.

With my company reaching it’s tenth year producing independent theatre, I feel like one of the old blokes walking around. New people are emerging all the time and creating exciting work. People leave the business; either to move onto bigger and better things or cause that lack of money can sometimes get too much. Or there’s the way that a few of my favourites have gone, family life and motherhood. But the gaps they create are never there for long, or if there is a gap at all. There always seems an abundance of folks ready to jump in feet first.

One of the great things about our little industry is that we all seem to help each other out. I’m often approached by emerging artists for advice on putting on shows, as are many in the biz that’ve been doing it for a while. And those people move on to help others as they start out. Then we all help each other out when we are in need. I needed an understudy for the lead role of my play; Petroleum, last week and the amazing actor Chris Tomkinson stepped in and performed the role with such amazing gusto. It’s great that people are always to help each other. This is how people succeed, but let’s face it, no one can do it alone.

But sometimes there are those folk, like any business, who really are just in for themselves. We’ve all met them, think they’re a team player but inevitably are just in it for themselves. They’ll take the help from people but then never deliver in return. They always make us angry, but one thing we will always know, these people are never around for long. This is a community, and that’s what brings me joy in being part of an industry that is so social and so giving.

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