Dickens’s Women – an exclusive interview with Miriam Margolyes

World renowned actor Miriam Margolyes celebrates Charles Dickens’ 200th birthday with her Australian tour of Dickens’ Women this year.

From February to April 2012, the great writer Charles Dickens lives again, thanks to Miriam Margolyes’ vibrant one-woman stage show.

Margolyes has starred in Harry Potter (Professor Sprout), Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet (Nurse) and countless other films, plays and television series.

We chat with Miriam about the show and her life as an actor…


Dickens’ Women is touring Australia and New Zealand in 2012.

Sydney (Glen St Theatre)
8:00pm, Friday 3rd February, 2012
8:00pm, Saturday 4th February, 2012
5:00pm, Sunday 5th February, 2012
8:00pm, Tuesday 7th February, 2012
8:00pm, Wednesday 8th February, 2012
8:00pm, Thursday 9th February, 2012
8:00pm, Friday 10th February, 2012
2:00pm, Saturday 11th February, 2012
8:00pm, Saturday 11th February, 2012
5:00pm, Sunday 12th February, 2012

Adelaide (Adelaide Festival Centre)
6:30pm, Wednesday 15th February, 2012
7:30pm, Thursday 16th February, 2012
7:30pm, Friday 17th February, 2012
2:30pm, Saturday 18th February, 2012

Canberra Theatre Centre
6:30pm, Thursday 23rd February, 2012
8:00pm, Friday 24th February, 2012
2:00pm, Saturday 25th February, 2012
8:00pm, Saturday 25th February, 2012

7:30pm, Wednesday 29th February, 2012
7:30pm, Thursday 1st March, 2012
7:30pm, Friday 2nd March, 2012
1:00pm, Saturday 3rd March, 2012
7:30pm, Saturday 3rd March, 2012

Frankston (Frankston Arts Centre)
7:30pm, Tuesday 6th March, 2012

8:00pm, Friday 9th March, 2012
1:00pm, Saturday 10th March, 2012
8:00pm, Saturday 10th March, 2012

8:00pm, Tuesday 13th March, 2012

Hobart (Theatre Royal)
8:00pm, Friday 16th March, 2012
8:00pm, Saturday 17th March, 2012

Gold Coast
8:00pm, Wednesday 21st March, 2012

Brisbane (QPAC)
7:30pm, Thursday 22nd March, 2012
7:30pm, Friday 23rd March, 2012
2:00pm, Saturday 24th March, 2012
7:30pm, Saturday 24th March, 2012

Mandurah (Mandurah Performing Arts Centre)
8:00pm, Thursday 29th March, 2012

Perth (His Majesty’s Theatre)
8:00pm, Friday 30th March, 2012
2:00pm, Saturday 31st March, 2012
8:00pm, Saturday 31st March, 2012

Port Macquarie
7:30pm, Tuesday 17th April, 2012
11:00am, Wednesday 18th April, 2012

8:00pm, Thursday 19th April, 2012

8:00pm, Thursday 21st April, 2011

8:00pm, Tuesday 24th April, 2012

8:00pm, Thursday 26th April, 2012

8:00pm, Saturday 28th April, 2012

More information, visit dickenswomen.com



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Matt Edwards

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