Are you the King of the Pride land? Try out our Lion King Quiz

With less than eight weeks left of  The Lion King’s season in Perth, we thought a quiz to test your knowledge of the musical might be in order before it leaves the West Coast.


The Lion King is currently playing at the Crown Theatre, Burswood until 28th February.

Tickets through Ticketmaster.

Q 1. The musical score for the stage show of The Lion King was created by

Hans Zimmer

Irene Mecchi

Elton John

Tim Rice

Q 2. In September 2014, The Lion King became the top-earning title in box-office history for both stage productions and films, surpassing the record previously held by

Jersey Boys


Phantom of the Opera

Les Miserables

Q 3. The Lion King first premiered in Sydney, Australia in which year?





Q 4. The Broadway production of The Lion King is currently the

eighth longest running show in Broadway history

fourth longest running show in Broadway history

longest running show in Broadway history

third longest running show in Broadway history

Q 5. Which song was cut from the production on June 27, 2010?

Chow Down

The Circle of Life

Shadow Land

The Morning Report

Q 6. Which Play School presenter originated the role of Mufasa in the original Australian production?

Teo Gerbert

Jay Laga'aia

Alex Papps

Andrew McFarlane

Q 7. The production first premiered on

The West End in 1993

The West End in 1995

Boradway in 1982

Broadway in 1997

The Lion King - Nathaniel Stampley (Mufasa), Tshidi Manye (Rafiki) and Jean Michelle Greier (Sarabi), New York Production; Photo: Joan Marcus; ©Disney

Q 8. Complete the next line from 'The Circle of Life'. “From the day we arrive on the planet …"

there's more to see than can ever be done

and blinking, step into the sun

through the sapphire sky

but the sun rolling high

Q 9. The Lion King was Disney’s second Broadway theatrical production. What was the first?

Beauty and the Beast

Mary Poppins


Jungle Book

Q 10. Which character ‘Just can’t wait to be King?’





Q 11. In which of the following cermonies has The Lion King not won the "Best Musical" or "Outstanding Musical" gong?

Moliere Award

Tony Award

Helpmann Award

Drama Desk Award

Q 12. Which song ends act one?

Hakuna Matata

Circle of Life

One by One

The Madness of King Scar

Q 13. Which Lion King character presents the new born cubs to the African wildlife and audience?





Q 14. What does Scar promises his army of hyenas if they "stick with" him?

Half of the Pride Land


Control of the Elephant Graveyard

That they will never go hungry again

Q 15. Hakuna Matata means

Bless you

No worries

She'll be right

Look to the stars

King of Pride Rock

With this many answers correct, maybe you should be King of Pride Rock. (Just watch out for manipulative uncles named Scar!)

They Live in You

You are a fan who proably knows all the tunes and sings along. A few more correct and you'll be King.


You currently are in the shadowlands, but follow the advice of the tune Hakuna Matata ("no worries") and you'll soon be out of the shadowlands and on your way to becoming a King!

You just can't wait to be King

Just like Simba you're going to have to experience a little more of The Lion King before you are ready to look after the kingdom!

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