Josh RH Daveta to bring new show Teenage Dreams to Brisbane

Josh RH Daveta in Teenage Dreams. Image Supplied.
Josh RH Daveta in Teenage Dreams. Image Supplied.

Envisage Josh RH Daveta, recently from his starring role in Oscar Theatre Company’s Boy&Girl, exploring the magical world of a diva during half time at a super bowl game.

This is exactly what Josh RH Daveta does when he entertains you in his new show Teenage Dreams. When asked what Teenage Dreams is about, the exciting and excitable Daveta describes his new show as;

“Like waking up from a memorable dream and wanting to continue it, but not quite remembering it. I drew my inspiration from a dream and so created a show called Teenage Dreams. It is delivered in a dream like sequence that explores several topics, such as relationships; and even discusses what it would be like if the language used in pop songs, was used in real life. For example, if we spoke to each other with lady Gaga lyrics and how silly that would sound. Even though it is a cabaret show, it is also a stand up comedy routine referencing artist influences such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Jesse J and Christina Aguilera.”

When enquiring what Daveta liked about performing the theatrical style of cabaret, he explains, “As Cabaret is usually a one person show, I get to show off my versatility as an artist. When working in a musical theatre production you have to be conscious and try to really fit the mould of what the director is looking for, whereas cabaret gives me the ability to be free as a performer.

From a young age Daveta has been involved with performing. “I started performing and sang lead with my church choir, but my vocal abilities blossomed all through high school,” boasts self proclaimed diva. “Since then, I have performed in amateur productions and musicals and in 2008 I competed in Australian idol, and made it to the top 50.”

When asked what the highlight of his performing experience has been, he states, “I can only say that every role I take on are all very different, whether it be a singing role, acting role or a performance in general.  I feel that every role I play is a highlight in itself.”

With such a spirited person as Daveta, Teenage Dreams looks to be as fun and entertaining as the Diva Daveta himself.

Daveta will be performing Teenage Dreams at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 17-18 April. For more information, visit the Brisbane Powerhouse website: Teenage Dreams


Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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