Secret Theatre Projects present REDEMPTION ROOM: a world premiere immersive, online thriller experience!

“You will be judge and executioner, but when an evil virus infiltrates the proceedings, how far will you go?”

Redemption Room is a new live and interactive online experience where audiences from anywhere in the world get to judge six disgraced celebrities as they seek redemption for their societal crimes. The production format takes a thrilling twist after an evil entity is awakened into the proceedings. Who will survive? Who will get their redemption? You will decide.

The show will go live simultaneously across the world in a Zoom studio featuring contestants from six countries; Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and the USA, where the celebrities are located.

As the studio audience in the online experience, you will vote on how far the contestant’s fears are pushed. But be warned, every-night audiences will be judging the proceedings and one audience member will be asked to compete with the celebrities. So as an attendee you can vote, you can judge and you can contact the celebrities directly to influence what happens. So who is Australia’s secret contestant? How will they fare against the contestants from all over the world? You can go to the Secret Theatre website and connect with the celebrities straight away and talk to them about their journey.

Turn off the lights, light a candle and be prepared for the unexpected. Those with paranormal fears please prepare accordingly. If Ouija boards are to your taste, there will be a moment when you can get involved. But be warned, by wearing black you can summon demons…

There will be various screening times for Australia from February 26 until March 13, including a special midnight (AEDT) show on Saturday 27th February.

Secret Theatre are pioneers in global immersive events and have produced shows in seven cities across the globe. The production is created and directed by Richard Crawford, who has been Artistic Director of Secret Theatre for over 10 years with many immersive credits to his name. He was responsible for directing the highly-acclaimed immersive Edward Scissorhands in New York, the immersive Fight Club in London and Hong Kong, and the immersive Dusk till Dawn in Singapore.

The experience can be viewed on any device that supports Zoom.
For more information visit ​​ and for tickets see ​Eventbrite.


Gabi Bergman

Gabi Bergman is a Melbourne-based performer and educator. She holds a Double Arts degree in Theatre Studies and Film/Screen Studies and a Master of Teaching (Secondary Education). Gabi has always been an avid lover of theatre, specifically musicals, and spends way too much money than she’d like to admit on tickets. Her most prized possession is her crate of theatre programs.

Gabi Bergman

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