Virginia’s Dirty Pretty Songs to play QLD and Ad Cab Fest

Virginia Gay - Dirty Pretty Songs
Virginia Gay – Dirty Pretty Songs. Image by Blueprint Studios

Every song hides a dirty little secret

Have you ever been singing happily away to a pretty little song and then realise what the words actually mean? Oops, that’s quite dirty isn’t it?!

Virginia Gay will entreat you with her findings of all those Dirty Pretty Songs in a two-night only part cabaret, part expose, part guerrilla stand up comedy, twisted extravaganza of soul, sex and some of your favourite songs. After a night with Gay, you will never be able to listen to Guy Sebastian’s ‘Love You Like That’, or Mondo Rock’s ‘Come Said the Boy’, quite the same way again.

Gay explains how she came across the concept for the 70 minute cabaret, “I was listening to a song and then I suddenly thought, oh this is, oh my, ooo, oh, ohhhhh, that’s really dirty”.

The reply actually sounded more like an orgasm of discovery as her naughty mind had unleashed a new concept that Gay could bring to the stage for our depraved delight.

But it’s not all dirt and smut (which let’s face it, we all secretly love), she insists.
“The show is about singing dirty songs sweetly and innocent songs naughtily”, she told AussieTheatre.

So, on the flip-side, you will even hear a light opera version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’.

The in demand actress, best known for her roles on Winners and Losers and All Saints, was working on her cabaret while performing in On The Production Of Monsters with the Melbourne Theatre Company – a two-hander play where she and James Saunders play nine characters. Not one to back down from a challenge, Gay loves the variety her career brings.

Virginia Gay will twist you around her little finger just as easily as she twists the lyrics in her cabaret comedy Dirty Pretty Songs.

Dirty Pretty Songs

Queensland Season

Date: 20 – 21 June
Time: 8pm
Venue: Judith Wright Centre 

Bookings: 07 3872 9000
More Information:

Adelaide Cabaret Festival Season

Date: 22 – 23 Jun
Time: 6.45pm (22 Jun) 9.15pm (23 Jun)
Venue: Artspace

More information:

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Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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