Melbourne Fringe: The Heart Awakens

Rob Lloyd recounts the tale of his first ever great love in The Heart Awakens, a touching and poignant exploration of relationships and the power of pop culture.

The Heart Awakens, Melbourne Fringe
The Heart Awakens, Melbourne Fringe

Lloyd is endearingly dorky as he energetically bumbles through the different stages of his life, finding friendship and falling in love with the films and television shows of his formative years, each of which are personified and portrayed with genuine depth and human complexity by Jennifer Speirs.

The notion of rendering entire pop-culture phenomena as human characters is ingenious, and provides rich potential for Lloyd to explore his relationships with them with the depth and intimacy of real life friendships and love affairs.

Lloyd’s latest offering, the third and final instalment in his Nerd Trilogy, is an intelligent, witty and profoundly touching love letter to one of the biggest and most well beloved films of the contemporary canon.

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