Out Damn Snot!

Out Damn Snot - shake and stir
Out Damn Snot – shake and stir

Holy snotballs batman, the new shake & stir family fun play is a snot inspired adventure loosely based on the Shakespearan tales of Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Out Damn Snot is an adventure story that starts in Mackenzie’s backyard, when she and her best friend Kim, cast a spell from a book they find in the library (aka Shakespeare’s Macbeth) around a witches cauldron (aka blow-up wading pool) they are accidently transported into their little brother Heath’s nasal cavity. In order to break the spell they must find the moves to the dance of the Booga Bum Fairy, and so their slimy quest begins.

Director Ross Balbuziente has chosen an interesting way to introduce young people (ages four and up) to the works of the Shakespeare by mashing up lines and concepts from the Bard with taboo subjects such as picking your nose, smelly breath, and farting, and all set in a pool of slimey goo (set design by Josh McIntosh). Shakespeare is definitely not boring in this production! In fact, upon entering the magical theatrical space, it felt more like a rave for kids as the loud music thumped through the audience. There was even a mini dance-off when Gangnam Style boomed through the speakers. This really set the scene for a fun night in the theatre.

Out Damn Snot - Leon Cain
Out Damn Snot – Leon Cain

Out Damn Snot stars Leon Cain as the Booga Bum fairy (as well as many other nose-infested characters), co-writer Nelle Lee as Kim (the ninja) and co-writer Nick Skubij as Heath. But the most shiny booga of them all was Amy Ingram as Mackenzie. Her bossy yet cheeky character was endearing and her comic timing was impeccable.

Although there is one major black-out which had a few little ones squirming, Out Damn Snot is truly for all ages, even adults, as a fun, laugh-out-loud, frolic around your imagination. And even though it’s rather silly tall tale, the story does have a moral to it.

The show will play till 19 January and runs for sixty minutes with no intervals, so make sure the kiddies go for a toilet stop before heading in.

Show: Out Damn Snot
Presented by: La Boite, shake n stir theatre co
Venue: Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove
Dates: 8 – 19 Jan, 2013
More Information: laboite.com.au

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Bobbi-Lea Dionysius

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